Precise and targeted treatment for relief from shoulder pain.

Our consultant radiologists use a technique called ‘barbotage’ to treat shoulder pain associated with calcific tendinitis. This involves using a fine needle - guided by ultrasound - to either stimulate the body to reabsorb the calcific deposits in the tendons or remove the calcium directly. It is the most common and successful treatment for patients with Calcific Tendinosis.

Barbotage, also known as 'percutaneous lavage' or, more simply, 'ultrasound guided needling of calcific tendinitis', is the most common and successful calcific tendonitis treatment. Current research suggests that the majority of patients with shoulder pain caused by calcific tendinitis report a good or excellent improvement 6 months after the treatment.

The use of an ultrasound probe to guide the position of the needle accurately and safely makes barbotage a highly precise calcific tendonitis treatment. Great care is taken to minimise injury to the tendon as the areas of calcification that are causing the shoulder pain are approached by the highly skilled consultant radiologist with a fine needle and broken up.

The procedure involves administering local anaesthetic both before and after the treatment to help with any pain, as well as a targeted steroid injection to reduce pain and inflammation in the affected area. A small dressing will be applied.

No specific preparation is required for the procedure, though it is helpful to wear clothing that allows the affected shoulder to be exposed. You will be able to leave soon after the treatment is completed. You should not drive after the treatment so will need to make alternative transport arrangements.

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