High Volume Image Guided Injection (HVIGI) for Achilles and Patella tendinopathy. This is a high volume injection that utilises Ultrasound to accurately guide the needle to the under surface of the Achilles or Patella tendon.

The high volume hydro-stripping works by targeting new fibres that have grown around the site of the injury. These fibres are abnormal and therefore cause pain. Get rid of the fibre and you reduce the pain. Using Ultrasound as a guide, a needle is injected into the affected area carrying a saline solution, and approximately 10mls of local anaesthetic (Marcaine) is introduced. The area targeted is between the tendon and subcutaneous tissue for achilles tendon injury treatment. In the case of a patella problem, between the interface of the patella tendon and Hoffa’s fat pad. The injection begins the stripping process and alleviates the pain, in many cases allowing important physiotherapy exercise to again be possible.

Unlike arthroscopy and other traditional methods, the process is minimally invasive and therefore recovery time is significantly reduced. People report excellent results within a very short period of time. Some return to playing their sport at the level they want to. So why not take control and improve your physical performance.

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