Hydrodilatation is increasingly regarded as the most superior non-surgical treatment for a frozen shoulder. This incredibly painful condition causes sufferers misery but for most this treatment can dramatically improve their prognosis. Patients can look forward to decreased pain and increased manoeuvrability of the shoulder joint. 

Treatment process

Hydrodilatation shoulder treatment involves injections into the shoulder joint completed in conjunction with our state-of-the-art image guidance technology for precise pain targeting. At the start of the treatment, the patient is asked to lie on the back with their affected arm extended whilst the shoulder area is numbed using a local anaesthetic. The procedure is performed under imaging guidance, using either Fluoroscopy or Ultrasound. Using a fine needle a mixture of anaesthetic, steroids and saline solutions is then introduced gradually in order to stretch the area around the joint. Frozen shoulder is the result of tissue around the joint area becoming inflamed so stretching the joint gives the tissue more room to help alleviate pain whilst using steroids reduces the inflammation, preventing recurrence. 

During the treatment, patients might feel a pushing sensation and perhaps some pressure as the joint is stretched. Once the hydrodilatation shoulder treatment is over, however, patients might feel a little discomfort for up to 30 minutes. This adhesive capsulitis treatment is a minimally invasive procedure, and as such, treatment day aside, you should not need any time off work or any downtime. 

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