Vicky Sage

Operations Manager

Vicky Sage joined Drs Kellett, Mason & Rickards in July 1989 as a darkroom technician, after spending 3 years with the NHS.

Having quickly become an expert in the day to day running of the practice, Vicky was promoted to Unit Manager in 2002 and is currently Operational Manager for Alliance Medical London centres today.  Vicky takes a lead role in client liaison and service development.

“The London imaging centres are bustling, enjoyable places to work and we are all proud to offer bespoke, personalised services to our referrers with whom we have built a very good relationship over the years.”  

Telephone: 020 7317 2790

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Gold standard diagnostic imaging and outpatient services in two convenient central London locations.

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We've been delivering diagnostic imaging services throughout the UK and Europe for nearly twenty five years.

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Medical imaging

Our imaging services include MRI, CT, and PET as well as a range of X-ray, Fluoroscopy and Ultrasound examinations.

Outpatient services

Established and innovative outpatient services in urology, cardiology, respiratory and orthopaedics

Musculoskeletal treatments

Sports injuries as well as wear and tear conditions, diagnosed and treated minimally invasively using Ultrasound and X-ray guidance

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